We do not know what we do not know, this conversation is about how we see the world and how there are layers to our reality.

It is back to the stories, narratives and frameworks of society and how we are shaped by them.

My guest on the show is  Morgana McCabe Allan it was her PhD that put her on the path to explore the patterns and constructs that we created for ourselves, which lead to her developing her model on the concept of radical wholeness.  

Morgana was born in Pasley Scotland, at the time an area was in server industrial decline,  it become one of the poorest regions, with the associated drugs and poverty. So humble beginnings, she also endured a lot of childhood illnesses that kept her out of early education.

In these situations, families either buckle and sink or rise above it. Morgana’s parents were able to model how to be better, it gave Morgana the support and resilience she needed. 

Stated her first business at just 8 years old breeding small animals and went on to volunteer work as soon as she was old enough before starting work in retail.

Exploring Radical Wholeness

On leaving school she tried university but it was not for her, however, she went back as a mature student at the age of 22  

She chose archaeology anthropology and Hispanic studies because it allowed for loads of fieldwork and travel. Now in education, she did her undergrad, master’s and PhD back to back over 13 years.

It was here that she lay the groundwork for her book Unbecoming and explored the ideas around radial wholeness.

It all lead to a multi-disciplinary PhD, she knew it would be accepted without corrections or rejected. As it happened it was acclaimed and the path into Accademia was open for her. But she knew she would never stay.

Our conversation is a look at the construct of society and how we can move beyond them.

For Morgana the work she has started in her PHD needed to be taken out into the world. She left college and worked with a charity for a year before going on to start her current project. Today Morgana is a business mindset, manifestation mentor and the author of the book Unbecoming, Your Unorthodox Guide to Radical Wholeness

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