This will be a part of this series of short podcasts, it will be mostly me, sometimes I may ask a guest to share their wisdom. The idea is that they will be short. and hence called “Shorts” or “Shortcasts”

This is all about me taking the opportunity to share the daily routines of my life, the things that work, the things that I’m doing that might help you. Let’s start a dialogue about this. If you resonate with these discussions reach out and let’s hear your experience.

I am going to start with morning routines

We all have one, even if it is just tumbling out of bed, jumping into the shower, raise the rest of the family, getting kids to school and getting to the day job without having any mishaps.

As entrepreneurs, we have a different relationship with our day. It is not the same as people working for companies (ie with a boss). But as an entrepreneur where there is nobody chasing your ass, it requires a different mindset.

I am the boss of my time. I am totally responsible for my day.

What I have discovered over the last few years is that, if I want to have a good day, I have got to start it right. I’ve got to be getting to bed at the right time having had enough sleep. I have to start the day with a routine that means I am winning even before I turn on the computer or pick up the phone.

This podcast is about my different routines and what is working for me now.