This week I am talking to Moyra Gorski about wellness. The importance of looking after the mind the body and being open to exploring the journey.

Moyra is a fellow podcast host who, like me was guided to start her own show Juggling the Chaos of Recovery to share a message of hope. It was her daughter’s health issues that encouraged her to change her life, but it also inspired her to seek out and share stories of health and recovery. 

Morya Gorski is one of 4 siblings her mother said was always the peacekeeper, the relationship person the caregiver.

Growing up she was fascinated by hospital TV  shows and had an interest in science. When to college to study chemistry, but on hearing about a nursing programme she signed up.

With Bachelors in nursing, she went to specialise in rehabilitation to help paraplegics and stroke patients. She did that for 8 years before leaving and going into medical sales for specialist hospital equipment.

That is where she met a future husband and left it all behind to be a full-time Mum of 4 

It was the medical problems with one of her boys that lead her into a new field of wellness and prevention. She started to think differently, about nutrition the living environment and natural products.  Moyra became a distributor for the company and built a business. 

It is a multi-level marketing company. As a traditional marketer, I have a bias against MLM as many people get caught ( including myself)  in the story and are disappointed when they do not have what it takes to live up to it.

However, The show is not about MLM so please don’t run…

Despite my prejudice, MLM can work if you do it right, you need the right personality and be willing to put in the time.  It is very much about people development and a good company with clean values and a good system can change lives. Moyra landed well with the organisation and has developed a business that has served her for 20 years.

However, the personal shift came 7 years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening mental health disorder. She learned that she need to take care of herself first and foremost in order to show up for life, the family and her business.

Our discussion is not about MLM it is about her development, change and discovery, it is about health and wellbeing. How being open to change is freedom plus how ballroom dancing could be a metaphor for life.    

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Moyra Gorski

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