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Natsune Oki : From Start-Up to YouTube Host

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My guest on today’s programme is Natsune Oki. A young woman living in Japan, a YouTube host, a Business Advisor and an Author. She has a passion to contribute to the human race. That was one of the first things she said in our introductory conversation.

Natsune was brought up in an entrepreneurial Japanese family but struggled with the cultural hierarchy of Japanese society. Where to be humble means to work hard and stay where you are. She always knew that business for her was the answer to create the future she wanted.

Attending college with a view to taking a business degree. Within a year she made the bold decision to move to America. Despite her limited grasp of the English language or resources to fall back on. She trusted her instinct to follow through on this drive to break out of her culture.

Natsune Oki and the Leap of Faith

Her arrival in Seattle began an 8-year journey in Tech Startup. During this time she established a sexy clothing brand and created a company that supports international project management. She is committed to supporting Japanese businesses to grow both at home and abroad. 

The eight years in the Start-Up community taught her about business development and project planning. She developed her own systems using the Japanese principle of IKIGAI. It led to the publication of her book ‘The Game of Self-Domination’ a guidebook about self-discovery and achieving lifelong success.

Making a difference and giving back

Today Natsune’s focus is on her YouTube Channel ‘LifeupeducationTV’. It is about entertainment and education, featuring stories of high achievers across from entertainment to technology.

“I want to help humanity make progress”

Natsune Oki’s story is about the Fusion of East meeting West. She is a powerful woman who will achieve whatever goal she can dream of.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Natsune Oki as much as I did.

If you would like to connect with her you can find her on:

LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and through her website:

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