Join me with Neil Seligman to discover what happens when life delivers a message so loud, so clear that you have no choice but to make a conscious transformation.

It is rare to get a message that clear, and to some extent, you need to be open to hearing it.

My guest on the show is Neil Seligman, A mindfulness coach, author and public speaker. But as you heard in the intro, he had a sudden realization that the career he had chosen was the wrong place for his star to rise.

Getting on in the legal profession is a long road; in Neil’s case, it was five years of study and eight years in practice as a Civil Law Barrister. For those not familiar with the British legal system, that means he gets to wear a wig and black gown. Giving it all up to be a Mindfulness Practitioner before that word had any meaning was a big step into the unknown.

As a young man, Neil was academic; it came easy to him. At university, he loved acting, sports and living life. But he was shepherded into the legal profession as it was more lucrative than acting and very similar, (say I, with a smile on my face).

But as I mentioned before, you must be open to change to hear the message and Neil was not a stranger to the alternative sector. He discovered Reiki healing in his teens and went on to become a Reiki master way before he was a barrister. So he was already bridging two worlds when he heard the message and decided to leave.

But changing from what is seen to be a solid career does raise questions. He had to confront all the preconceptions from family and friends, as well as his own thoughts and feelings around money, identity and meaning. 

In our conversation, we explore Neil’s journey and the soul searching he went through to find his path. Join me for this conversation with Neil Seligman.

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