Today’s conversation with Nicoleta Porojanu brings the world of psychotherapy into a wider dimension, with her recognition that it is about the integration of body, mind and soul healing. From a turbulent childhood with an alcoholic father, through her journey of healing from a rare form of breast cancer, Nicoleta brings a staggering depth to the insights gained through her life experiences.

From Peaceful Beginnings…

Nicoleta Porojanu was born in communist Romania in the 1970s. A culture very different from my own, and one that I know little about. The communist system during Nicoleta’s childhood had parents working 7 days a week, whilst children were being taken care of by other relatives.

Nicoleta describes her first seven years of life with her grandparents as idyllic. Her grandfather was a wise man and a war veteran, and her grandmother was a natural healer for the village. It was a peaceful and stable start to her life.

…To Turbulence and Growth

All that changed when it was time to start school. This required moving from the peace and tranquillity of the countryside to live with her parents in the city. 

This was a difficult period for Nicoleta. Getting used to a new family environment and living with a father who was an alcoholic and potentially violent. Her escape from life was reading. Perhaps it was these early experiences that formed the basis for her future career path in psychotherapy.

After school, Nicoleta followed the path required in her culture. Going to university, and then getting married and having children. Despite family suggestions that she should work in tourism, she continued her studies and practitioner research in psychotherapy and self-healing. She qualified as a Clinical Psychologist and went on to work in a Palliative Care Unit.

Career Choices

At the age of 30 caring for the dying was challenging. But through her work and personal insights she discovered a great deal about humanity.  In our conversation, we explore how she reconciled the pain and sadness of the people in her care and the associated feelings within herself. These experiences drove her decision to take up formal training in psychotherapy. 

Nicoleta moved to London to expand her knowledge and embrace diversity.  She took a job in mental health services and community care and remained there for over 15-years.  She also developed a private therapy practice and continued her studies and practitioner research in self-healing. 

Setbacks and Insights

Her life path took a setback five years ago when she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, a very rare form of cancer.  Having lost her mother to a similar disease a few years previous, she pretty much gave up on her own life and surrendered to the belief that she didn’t have long to live. 

In our conversation we explore how she came through her fears, and how her family that pushed her to find a reason to choose life. 

“Come on. If you don’t fight for yourself, do it for us. We want you, we need you, we appreciate you, we celebrate you. Just be with us, find a reason, find some meaning.”  

After six months of chemotherapy and two operations, she was fully recovered. It was that journey that enhanced her recognition that there is so much to being human. It opened the door to new insights in her work that she would never have discovered without that life experience.   

The Wisdom of Experience

My conversation with Nicoleta touches on some of the deeper fundamental aspects of my work with this podcast. We discussed how she processed her fear, exploring the thoughts and feelings around this. We also unveil how she developed ‘The Seven Steps of Real Transformation’ to support her clients towards a better future for themselves.

Nicoleta’s cancer has now been in remission for five years. This has given her the freedom to guide countless people through the transition from life crisis to personal happiness. She is currently working on her first book. Nicoleta is also a Psychotherapist, host of ‘Open To Happiness’ podcast and founder of ‘The Significant You’ mental health charity.

Links to further details about all Nicoleta’s projects are available below.

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