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Nikki Love : A Little Dash of Crazy

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Today we are celebrating Nikki Love and her new book. “With a little touch of crazy: 63 Marathons in 63 days Adventure.”

Nikki was a guest on the podcast in March 2019. At the time we were celebrating the launch of her first book “Chasing Extraordinary” and today we celebrate the launch of the second book; With a little touch of crazy: 63 Marathons in 63 days Adventure

Back in 2019, Nikki was preparing another adventure to run across her native Australia. Alas, what with COVID that plan went on hold. However not to be daunted, she looked to run the distance on a treadmill in the garden, here in the UK.

With a Little Dash of Crazy:
The 63 Marathons in 63 Days Adventure

A Little Dash of Crazy

That adventure was going fine however after 42 days and 1040 miles on a treadmill, she snapped a tendon in her foot and the running was over for a while.

But she put the time to good use and the second book is out and released this week.

I suspect many people will agree that you need a little touch of crazy to run these distances. It takes a special mindset that is for sure. Check out the original podcast and judge for yourself. Better still buy the book.

Nikki Love & A Little Dash of Crazy

Nikki is an amazing woman who is spreading the word about exercise. Taking the message into schools all over the country. She is leading the charge to helping people understand the benefit of getting active and just get moving. The key to her success is not too run fast.

We were speaking on zoom, so I could see how windswept she looked. Before our conversation she was out running with a local school and then out on the hills with a women’s group in the sleet and rain. There is no stopping her.

It was a great conversation, about her drive and why she does what she does. We also explored her latest project which is running across Australia that will be 4000 Km in 63 days. We talk about sponsorship and how that project is structured.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Nikki love

If you would like to connect with Nikki you can find her on Facebook on at her website

As with all projects that are driven by passion and enthusiasm, this event grew out an internal inquiry…

Why do my Podcast Guests Skirt Around The Spirituality Conversation?

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Spirit-duality is a bit like a Spiritual Christmas Hamper full of delicious goodies. When you dive in, you discover a lot of things you’ve never tried before. Some you’ll love, some you won’t, but unless you try them, you will never know. 

The event is in two sections: 5 days of Inspiring Conversations (that is the diving into the Christmas Hamper bit) and 2 days filled with empowering activities or coaching sessions (the bit where you get to taste all the goodies!)

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