Nikki love chasing Extraordinary in 2017 she completed 63 marathons in 63 days. Since then she has run in the dessert and run around Ireland. While the 63 in 63, is not an official Guinness record she is still the only women in the world to have done it.

Nikki Love Chasing Extraordinary

What makes anyone want to do these distances, it has to be a drive and passion that is for sure

My Running

My relationship with running was never good. Twenty years ago before it was fashionable I had a cousin who used to run a lot. I thought he was odd, as my resistance was forged in the terrible memories of cross-country running at school. Awful conditions always cold and wet and some of the nastiness that went with the education of the time. Thankfully that has changed.

When I came back to it to exercise in my 50s, I found that I couldn’t run it hurt. It was only by going to a physio that I discovered that I had forgotten how to walk properly. I had to learn how to use my knees and ankles again. Fast forward a couple of years I was running 3K on running machines at the gym.

It was my brother who suggested we go out for a run one day when I was visiting, and I absolutely loved it, From there It was a quick jump from 3 k to nearly 10k, and I completed my first proper 10K race last September 2018.

I enjoy it, and I can understand that passion and drive that people experience. but the idea of taking on these mega distances for me is something else. However, I read on Nikki’s site that only 1% of the world ever run a marathon distance. That is an opportunity to be in a very exclusive club.

Nikki Love Chasing Extraordinary

Nikki Love Chasing Extraordinary

Nikki is an amazing woman who is spreading the word about exercise. Taking the message into schools all over the country. She is leading the charge to helping people understand the benefit of getting active and just moving. The key to her success is not too run fast.

We were speaking on zoom, so I could see how windswept she looked. Before our conversation she as out running with a local school and then out on the hills with a women’s group in the sleet and rain. There is no stopping her.

It was a great conversation, about her drive why and she does what she does. We also explored her latest project which is running across Australia that will be 4000 Km in 63 days. We talk about sponsorship and how that project is structured.

Nicky this is an amazing woman I hope you enjoy the conversation with Nikki love

If would like to connect with Nikki, even sponsor the next adventure you can find her at the links below.

At the website Nikki Love
The Book Chasing Extraordinary

Nikki Love Chasing Extraordinary