Welcome to another Sunday reflection.  Today’s topic is about excuses or, to be more precise, the lack of.

My guest on the next podcast is Steven Gerein. He’s just one of the many amazing young people I am having conversations with. These are people in their 20’s and 30’s who have already made the choice to step away from the success model and forge a path of their own and their stories are always worth listening to. (Links included below).

But what has occurred to me this week, is how much life has changed since I was their age.

In my youth friends stepped out from the norm to go backpacking across the Andes or took a trip to India and other remote places before settling down to the expected career path. 

The Internet Changes Everything

The thing is these exciting trips into the unknown were much more serious back then. Thanks to the internet, today it is much easier to plan ahead and have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips whenever you need it. In my youth communication was restricted to letter writing or landline phone calls. So making an urgent link back home was a challenge. You were very much on your own. 

This also applied to stepping out of the norm to follow the path of personal development. Finding books and speakers required a challenging search and daring to talk about it with friends and colleagues meant being thought of as weird or going insane. Even now, only 10% of the world actively look to change their life, the other 90% are happy to take life as it comes.

The 10% Means You!

You my friend, listening to this, are probably one of the 10% and you are more privileged than ever before. In this conversation, I talk more about the opportunities available to you. There are no excuses, everything you need is out there for the taking.

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