Our conversation is about discovering inner power and as with all stories, the journey is never a straight line.

On the show, you will discover the power of changing chairs and a helpful question “ How can I be more of me and have a greater impact.”

Noomi Natan was born in Copenhagen, at nineteen, most of her friends were travelling. In Denmark, it is common to take a generous gap year before completing a university education.  She was working at a temporary job in advertising and wondered if she could live and work in London.

She could and found a job in a sound studio, before hopping across the pond for a 3-month internship in the US Congress. All of that experience led her back to Copenhagen to complete a degree in journalism, although she had no intention of being a journalist.

Education over she returned to London and secures a great job in commercial conference production for the mobile games industry, which was booming.

She was crazy successful for a while, with money and lifestyle. That was until the pressure, overwork, and perfectionism eroded her ability to function. She was miserable much of the time and cried in the toilet.  

The crunch came when she was asked to run a project she did not want. She had to work US hours from a London office and struggled without support.

At this point, a coach friend said to her, “ you know you could speak to a doctor and get signed off from work?”

That was the beginning of moving out of the mobile industry.

Our conversation explores coaching and how that fits with the path towards a good life. We look at success and why it can be a difficult journey, contribution and, of course, the big question, what is it all for? 

Finding her Inner Power

Noomi describes herself as a recovered perfectionist and a practical idealist who dreams of a world, which is safe for everyone.  What a lovely idea. As you will hear on the show, she took her first coaching call 15 years ago and was instantly hooked.

Since then, she has developed her process and specialises in deeply transformational work and helping clients in a wide range of industries, from the owners of micro-businesses to CEOs of prominent household names.

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