In this show, we explore brand building, entrepreneurship, holistic marketing, health and fitness and creating a life to love.  It is a deep conversation about the world in which we live, how to find your story, and the path towards your best life.,

Images, shapes and forms always inspired Olly Herman-Taylor. While at school, he discovered a passion for design and spent his days doodling, creating logos, and drawing.

At college, he got a degree in English; on leaving, he went into the building industry, working on-site in the family business. Carrying bricks up and down ladders made him strong and fit, giving him an appreciation for movement and using his body.

But the inspiration to design was calling; it was music or clothes, feeling he might be tone deaf he chose clothes.  

Olly started a t-shirt design business producing and selling shirts on the London street markets.  But T-shirts would never make him rich, so he looked to his other passion, snowboarding. 

A Unique High-Value Product

Coming up with a unique design for a snowboarding jacket, he located a company that agreed to produce them if he could sell 500 jackets. He returned with an order for 5000, and his business was born.

He was just 23 and starting a business with no plan, and it worked, he created a life he loved.  

For seven years, he did some fantastic stuff, building a lifestyle business and taking it to over a million pounds, but that journey involved compromise, and it stopped feeding his soul. Now with a young family, he sold the brand and took some time out to be with his kids and consider his next steps.

Natural Health and Fitness

He transitioned to Health and Fitness and set about creating a natural fitness brand, and this time life did not roll so easy seven years later. He was depressed, in debt and unhappy. 

Our conversation is about his journey out of the hole he had created. He discovered the darker sides of marketing in the fitness industry.  As already mentioned, it is a deep conversation about this world and what the system will do to us when we allow it.

Today Olly Herman-Taylor calls himself a Bio Hacker and high-performance coach. He helps entrepreneurs upgrade their mindset, transform their health, uncover their purpose and creating a life to love. He is also the host Torchbearer™ podcast and co-founder of Rare Partners, a story-based communication agency.

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