Today’s shortcast asks, is it on the bus with you, or are you travelling towards it? What I am talking about is your passion and your happiness.

Gordon Mullan is one of the people who has taken up my request to discuss podcasts (more on that below) and what makes some stand out from others.

Gordon is a specialist on live events, he hosts events and trains speakers to use virtual technology so this was a very helpful conversation for me. One of the things he brought up is when people are looking outside of themselves (“I will be happy when…”) then internal contentment is difficult to find.

Happy On The Bus With You

This is what I mean by is it on the bus with you. Gratitude is the key to finding that inner happiness that enables us to achieve those elusive goals with greater ease. Getting on board with gratitude brings you closer to inner happiness and reigniting your passion and purpose. Which in turn leads to the outer happiness you desire.

So this On the bus with you shortcast offers a reminder that when we seek what is outside of us the path to happiness will always be elusive.

Podcast Research

So what are the conversations I am having about podcasts. Well, the aim is to explore how to move Life Passion & Business to the next level, and for this I need your help. There are two options:

Option One:

The written survey will give valuable information on what you enjoy listening to and what inspires you. It’s just a handful of multiple choice questions and space for additional thoughts.

Here’s the link:

However, there is nothing better than a good conversation and an opportunity to get to know you better. So my preference is…

Option Two:

To have a one to one chat on Zoom and the quickest, easiest way to book it is through the link below. It’s a really simple procedure.

Appointment Link:

I hope you are up for this. The podcast is for you, so the more conversations I have the clearer the direction will be.