Could you be unstoppable? Could there be a secret waiting to be discovered? 

Following on from the 5-year birthday celebrations and having reached out to several past guests.  The idea or impulse to reconnect with some of my past friends led to great discussions, and Patrick Powers was one of those people. In our catch-up chat, he said he had discovered what it took and was writing a book about becoming unstoppable.  

I first met Patrick in 2020, the year of covid lockdowns in the UK, and they had decimated his face-to-face business networking group in London.
But Patrick is no stranger to facing difficulties in his business and life; in the 00’s, he was a star in a network marketing business at some point, and he had a team of 10,000 people.

He lost everything while living in the Dominican Republic; he ended up in London as a broke taxi driver.

Back in 2020, he built the second-largest business in the world. 

How do you become unstoppable?

Over the last few years, I saw Patrick’s life as a highlight reel on Facebook.  At some point, he got married and went to live in Russia, and then there was the drama of leaving the country. Followed by the drama of returning to the country.

It is a brilliant story worthy of any novel, and it happens to be true.

Some years back, Patrick changed his last name to Power, and he is still a powerhouse of passion and inspiration.

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