Aligned Speaking, When we connect with our soul it is the one aspect of humanity that AI will never master. When we speak and connect with who we are, communication happens on a level that is beyond words. Speaking is so fundamental to everything that we do, and this podcast is a fantastic example of what is possible with

I was looking for a past show to share this week and came up with this episode from December 2018, at the time Patty was focused on the power of public speaking. Her current focus has moved to intuitive coaching and is based on the laws of attraction and action.

That does not take away from the content you are about to her.

Patty was set a challenge to find 50 speaking gigs in 50 weeks, and she did it. That journey was a lesson in mastery, overcoming obstacles, and dealing with the unexpected. When we set out to achieve a goal or purpose, it is the commitment that matters most. In the middle of this challenge, her mother’s cancer took a turn for the worst.

Aligned Speaking,

In this recording, she demonstrates how it is possible to create intimacy and connection through emotion.

It is a wonderful piece of gold from the start of my podcast journey. The one fly in the pudding is my audio quality, inexperience with the zoom app I selected the wrong microphone, and my voice is dreadful. I will explain more in the show.

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