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Paul Harvey – Media Profile

Paul Harvey is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Virtual Event Host and Podcaster for Life Passion & Business podcast that explore the wonder of the human spirit.

Paul is available to speak on Podcasts and at Public & Virtual Events


Location:- Morayshire, Scotland.
Available for Remote or Face-to-Face interviews and Event Hosting.

Personal Development, Inspiration & Passion.
Business and Marketing.

Speaking Topics:-
Business Marketing Digital Strategies
From 9-5 To Entrepreneur – A Recipe for Freedom
Speaking With Confidence – Strategies for Successful Communication
The Podcast Five Questions That Change Everything
Health & Fitness In Your 50’s

Brief Biography

Originally living and working in London, Paul has a background and over 30 years experience working in product development and marketing.

From an early interest in performance where he completed professional acting and singing courses, he progressed into public speaking and has since training in Coaching, Public Speaking and Professional Leadership.

Since his move to the North of Scotland in 2004, he has worked as an independent Business Advisor and Coach. His current focus is on his Life Passion and Business Podcast, created to support inspiration for your life and business. He also runs Virtual Events and develops resources for the enhancement of the human spirit.

Full Biography

Career Development

I have over 30 years of experience in business and marketing. It all started in a small London based company cutting the business teeth in purchasing and moving around the company as it grew into a national and then international business. By the time I landed a role a key role as head of the development team, the operation had a large product range specific to the retail and garment industry. My team doubled that range over 10 years selling B2B through retail, direct marketing and later internet channels. My experience is wide from international sourcing and Far East supply chain management.

A Change of Scene

I had been in that business a long time and I needed fresh air and a new challenge, Moving to the Highlands of Scotland meant turning my attention to the issues of rural business and marketing communication.

I became an Adviser/Consultant with a Local Enterprise Company and moved on to become an independent Marketing Coach and Business Adviser. Over the last 15 year I have, advised over 200 companies in the areas of marketing, business start-up, growth and development and specialized in the development of the sales message.

Physical Fitness

I have always been active and in my 20’s I enjoyed martial arts and was a keen squash player. Later, the long commutes to work were made easier by leaving early and starting my day at the gym.

With the move to Scotland, working from home, and an extensive house renovation it all dropped away. Although the renovations weren’t without toll, my exercise regime was gone and the good habits lost.
At 53, after a 13 year break, my body was informing me that things had to change. If I didn’t do something about it, I would lose it, so I finally returned to the gym.

I started running a few years later. In 2018, looking for a new challenge, I ran my first 10K. This spurred me on further and I am currently flirting with the Marathon idea. It’s not about competing, for me its the freedom of movement and pushing my own boundaries.

Looking for Real Value

There is real value in life to be found in the relationships we have with our family and friends. To be in business is no different. The relationships we forge in our professional life with work colleagues and customers are of great value, they enrich the journey and ultimately are there to be enjoyed.

Performance & Facilitation

I have always been a performer, enjoyed acting, singing and presenting. While in London I followed that passion with performance and vocal training. I also explored facilitating people within a personal development context. On moving to the Highlands I developed my coaching skills and today I use a mixture of these techniques as part of my working toolbox.

Speaking is a Passion

When Toastmasters came to Forres I became one of the founding members and served as Club President for a couple of years. If you have any interest in public speaking, join a toastmasters club. They are a supportive space to learn the craft.


2018 saw the launch of the podcast Life Passion And Business. It started as a reaction to life crisis and has grown into a passion. It is where I can explore stories from people in all walks of life.

With well over 100 interviews, I have learnt a lot about people and what makes us tick. It is through the podcast that I have developed these Five Questions:-

  • Where is your passion, are you living it?
  • What does success look like for you?
  • What is your contribution to the world?
  • What is the one question people you wish people would ask?
  • And, in your experience, what is the meaning of life?

The questions have the power to shift from a static mindset to being fully engaged in the discovery that anything and everything is possible. This shift has empowered me to focus on the areas of life and business that are the most fulfilling.

Virtual Event Hosting

In 2020 this project opened up to a new audience through virtual conferences and summits. The first event launched in April 2020 just as the world went into lock-down, and fear was heightened about how we were going to continue to live, work and socialize in a potentially dangerous world.

The response was tremendous, and I took it further with the second Summit in August of the same year. This coincided with my wife looking for a new direction and my son leaving for university (the end of our 18 year parenting project).

The second event benefited from my wife’s skills for organization and administration and this has been a catalyst for a new way of living and working together. In December 2020 we combined our skills to take the Life Passion & Business project to the next level with a unique exploration on spirituality.

In Conclusion

Who am I is a big question that few people really ask of themselves. It is a question that needs to be answered if you are going to find satisfaction in the life that you choose to lead. There is more to say on this, but the significant conclusion is I am here to move people forward.