Where do you keep your money bags? Well, what I really mean is, have you explored your money baggage?  It has been said there was no shortage of money in the world for all that needed to be done. So why is it not done?  

On this show, we are looking at money and the thinking around it.  Did you know that money is not real? It is a thought that has become a universal agreement.

On Tuesday, I went to the online launch party for a money experiment with Joanna Hunter. She is a metaphysical practitioner and a very successful businesswoman. 

Her current business is in the creation of conscious millionaires. As she says, what if there was no shortage of money in the world for all that needed to be done, we could solve climate, educate and feed people?

How would it be possible to create conscious millionaires? That is where metaphysics comes in because it is about changing the mindset and moving the money baggage.

The launch party was for the Million Dollar Experiment, and the question is.

“Would it be possible for you to make $1,000,000 in the next 12 months? “

Before you disregard that statement, what thought came up for you?  I imagine there was a whole list of ifs, buts and nos. It does for me.

My Million Dollar Experiment 2021 results

However, it has been done before. In 2021, Joanna ran that experiment with just over 4000 people, and 16 people declared they made the million, another 3 kept it quiet.  As a percentage, it is less than 0.5% So, let us consider the numbers.

That 0.5% percentage is better than a lottery win.
How many people came close?
What changed in the lives of those involved?   

I am delighted to participate in this experiment because, at the launch party, I could feel my triggers coming up; even creating this podcast and making the offer available to you has shown me that I have some work to do. 

Is it Time to Find Your Money Bags?

There is still time; while the experiment has started, the option to join is still open, and it is only $25. Check out the show if you want to know why the price is so low.

click the link and join us on what will be a year of discovery. 

Yes, this is an affiliate link, and I will earn $12.50, as a participant, you can also do the same.

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