Paul Maskill is my guest on the show today and runs the Ultimate Freedom Mastermind a project that helps business owners discover their gifts and build successful businesses that can operate without them.

His early love was playing golf, and he dreamed of becoming a professional golfer but was not keen on spending the time needed at the driving range, he just wanted to play. He looked into becoming a club professional, but that job was seven days a week with lots of unsocial hours.

Deciding to leave golf as the hobby he set his sights on banking. He was good at maths and enjoyed spreadsheets so headed for university with plans to enter the finance industry. But, by 2011, after less than four years in the finance world, he knew this was not the answer. There must be more to life than doing okay for 40 years and then retiring to enjoy what’s left.

Not The Freedom He Expected

So he started a business; however, he was soon working 60-80 hours a week with a project that couldn’t survive without him. It was a pattern he saw everywhere, people working for themselves repeating the same mistakes—namely getting passionate, starting a business to get out of the rat race. Only to create a job with long hours and no employment benefits, it was the illusion of freedom.

Seeing the problem, Paul started systematizing his business while empowering a team to run it better than he could. Before long, his revenue had doubled to almost $500k, plus the number of hours he worked dropped below 40. He achieved this remarkable transformation all within four short years and went on to sell the company for three times the net profit.

Today, Paul helps other small business owners automate their business so it can thrive without them, enabling them to leverage their business to build a life that they love.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Paul Maskill. If you would like more information about Ultimate Freedom Mastermind, Paul’s links are below.

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