Are you living to your full potential or cruising a path well-trodden? What if you had a moment, a near-death experience. A point where you could live or die. Would it change you? 

Most of us live life as if it will go on forever, and for the majority of us, we get to experience 29500 days, letting them pass without much thought. I did a shortcast about that last year.

However, those life-changing moments bring it all into focus and make us reevaluate where we are.

The wake-up call can arrive at any time. My guest on this show was staring at oncoming headlights with nowhere to go.

That near-death experience on the freeway started a chain of events; it was the moment that changed the direction of her life forever. 

Paula had started a tech company in the early 90s, building websites, the first e-commerce sites in 1997 and the software for some of the first eBook readers.

Paula Telizyn could be the grandmother of the internet.  

Despite all of this success, Paula was not happy. As someone with a mild form of ADHD, she was prone to overworking. She was running a full-time business, mothering three children, and the wonderful man she had married was now an out of work alcoholic with a tendency to violence.

The near-death experience was the wake-up call to look at her life and make some changes.

Our conversation is about the journey through a midlife crisis and out the other side. We talk about success, failure and relationships.

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