Provisionally scheduled for 12-15 November 2021, ‘People Planet Progress’ is a Virtual Summit envisioned to bring together the inspiring people and projects that are working towards sustainability. Building on the power of positive affirmations, we are adding a unique twist to the format.

As world leaders are currently preparing for the 2021 Climate Change Conference (COP 26) we are already visioning way beyond their narrative. This event projects you directly into 2042 and places you on the doorstep of a reflective look back from COP47. Join the speakers of tomorrow as they share the bigger picture of what is currently possible. Step into a new time zone and embrace this conversation from the perspective of achievement.

Work In Progress. Things may change as we develop this project.

Are You With Us?
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Participants: Registering your interest in People Planet Progress gives you an opportunity to shape the event by sharing what you would like included (eg. speakers or topics you are interested in).

Not quite there yet?

Let me give you some perspective. In 2042 we have achieved the things you are currently struggling to grasp. We have Visionary Leaders, Empowered People and a Healthy Thriving Planet. This event brings together the people who understand how we got here and what it took to make the shift.

We know how challenging it was to envision this from the limiting beliefs of 2021. So we are here to help you take the leap of faith required to bring you into this future and beyond.

Our Ethics Are*. . .

  • Supporting the healthy diversity of our living planet.
  • Globally working together to enhance and prioritize sustainable technology.
  • Encouraging individuals to pursue their passion and put it to purpose through their work.
  • Reinvesting profits to empower healthy living, expansive thinking and support new developments.

It works and it’s sustainable. Discover how we achieved it.

Still hesitating?

Does it sound to good to be true? Maybe you need to consider what you are attached to or what you are you afraid of. Then drop the cynicism, drop the hopelessness, and drop the limiting beliefs. It really is time to start looking to a brighter future and embrace what is already possible.

*The People Planet Progress Event is still a work in progress and we expect things to develop as more speakers come on board.