This week’s topic, ‘Perks or Purpose?’ is prompted by I post I came across on LinkedIn. It was about companies who are losing staff at an alarming rate.

It’s a phenomenon that is being noticed by large organisations across the world. Companies that are employing some of the best in their industry. These companies offer incentives such as free lunches, ping-pong tables, beer on tap. All sorts of other wild perks aimed at luring people in and keeping them. In the past, this seemed to work and yet now they are noticing it isn’t.

The Great Resignation

They are calling this phenomenon, “The Great Resignation” and these companies are really surprised that people are actually looking for something more than salary and perks. I have to admit this makes me chuckle. I don’t see this as a great surprise at all!

Given that we have just spent the last 18 months, mostly working from home with the threat of a global pandemic hanging over our heads. It seems really obvious to me that people would start questioning what they are doing and what makes life worthwhile. It’s something that comes up time and time again in the podcast and it’s something that hits many people when they reach a certain stage in life (better known as a midlife crisis). When people are hit by a shifting moment they re-evaluate their life.

Re-Evaluate Your Values

So what does make life worthwhile and how do we re-evaluate what we want? I hope you’ll listen in for my thoughts on this and some tips on how to move forward.

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