The following information is provided for Life Passion & Business Podcast Guests, but if you are just here out of interest, read on.

Podcast Guests,

Thank you for our chat. I am looking forward to welcoming you on the show. The following information includes everything you need to prepare for the interview. Please read through it and contact me if you have any questions.

Recording Process

We will be using Zoom for the recording. The link is in your appointment confirmation email. If you can’t find it or have any problem connecting please Contact me by email, telephone or Facebook messenger.

Although the podcasts are audio, video has become so important as it makes it more personal and helps the interview to flow.

Podcast Guest Information checklist image.

Biography & Preparation

In preparation for the interview, I will need a short biography and links to your website and social media. I will not read the biography live, but it will help me to direct some of my questions and I will use it to create an intro at the editing stage.

Please check and ensure your URL links are correct and fully connected before you send them.


I am happy to support all my Guests with the launch of a book or current achievement. So if you have something to promote I am happy to share it, and your links will be included in the show notes.

It will also be helpful to the show if you could give us a review, stars or ratings in the podcast app of your choosing. As the podcast medium becomes more popular these metrics are becoming more important than ever.

Social media and email lists.

We will promote the show through our network and would appreciate it if you would do the same. That means taking each other on social channels and commenting where possible.

Recording Quality

For the recording to run smoothly, we need a good internet connection, and quality audio is king. The story may be good but the experience needs to be comfortable for our listeners, or they will go elsewhere.

Podcast guest information page recording quality image

A headset and microphone usually provide the best quality recording. If you don’t have these, then a mobile phone earpiece with a little mic. Will usually suffice, and we can check it before we begin.

Of course, nothing makes up for a quiet space and the less noise the better, so no ticking clocks if you can help it. If you are at home, please be aware that it is very distracting when family noises and flushing toilets are in the background. I know this can be difficult, especially with children, so please do what you can to get their support.

The Conversation

The conversation will be in two sections. Part one is a short exploration of your life journey, your passions and how that all interweaves with your career or business.

We will use the five questions, as this section is short your answers need to be well structured and ideally with good stories that highlight and give interest. We are all children at heart and need a story to hold our attention.

Podcast guest information conversation tips image.

Think about the highs and lows, pivotal moments and how they instigated change. The more honest you are able to be about the challenges, the greater the story (everyone has challenges – but many are not willing to face them). The main point is that we take the listeners on a journey and we get somewhere at the end.

Part Two

This section is a development of what used to be “the one” question. It is our opportunity for a free-ranging conversation exploring your expertise and knowledge. Ideally, the listeners will reach a new understanding and have something to consider or implement.

This part of the show will be used as a video in a mini-event.

I’m happy to explore this before we start the recording, or we can go for it and see what happens. I will ask questions as we go, so if you have anything specific you would like including, please let me know in advance.

Priming me with questions to ask you is best and is how most chat shows are created.


The recording usually takes approximately 90 minutes. However, allowing space around it will help your preparation and will ensure the conversation doesn’t feel rushed or cut short at the end.

At the end of the recording, please stay on Zoom so we can have a quick chat and clarify anything that may be needed before the launch.

Launch times vary but we have tightened our scheduling is mostly between 2 -4 weeks from recording. If you need to launch for a specific event, let me know, and I will do my best to work it in.

Podcast guest information page time zones image.

All the best,