Life Passion & Business Podcast Has Five Simple Questions….

…but they are not always so easy to answer.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • What is your contribution to the world?
  • What is the one question you wish people would ask?
  • What is the meaning of life to you?

Do you have answers for these 5 question?
What do they reveal about you?
How can you use this to create the life you desire?

It is likely you will find the answers in this eBook with accompanying worksheets. And it is currently FREE (our gift to you).

Full details and download link is on The Five Question’s page here

Download the “Habitual Happiness” eBook & Workbook
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Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.

In Habitual Happiness, you will find out what happiness is, what it isn’t and discover why happiness is essential to your life. Learn the seven habits that, once adopted, will create a new way of living where happiness becomes a way of life. We aren’t looking at reaching a destination here, we are focusing on inviting happiness into your daily routines and habits. Happiness will become a pathway that will change your life forever.

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s get started!

Focus Coaching eBook

Download the “Regaining Focus” eBook & Workbook
Price £12.99

You’re working on a project, and you get distracted. You brush off this distraction as a one-time deal, and you keep working. Minutes later, you’re distracted again. You shift over to another project, you get a phone call, and you remember you need to check some emails. Later on in the day, you realize you never got around to the first project you were working on.

Does this sound familiar?

If we don’t have our full attention on something, the outcome won’t be whole either. That could mean work, relationships, friendships, or health. In order to give something your all, you need to prioritize your focus. This eBook & Workbook combination have the tools to get you on track.

Download the Vision eBook & Workbook
Price £12.99
(coming soon)

Visualization is the very beginning of creation.

Think about it. Human beings are such amazing creatures. From the beginning of time, everything we’ve created came about because someone somewhere visualized an object in answer to a need. This was closely followed by someone imagining how to make this object and put it to use. Without visualization, nothing would have ever been created in the first place.