Following a life transition in 2015, today’s guest Rael Bricker, turned an early passion into a way of speaking for success that supports others.

Stepping Out

Born in South Africa during apartheid, Rael was not politically active, but from an early age he was conscious that he did not fit the standard model expected of him. He developed a way of bucking authority whilst still being respectful and this has paved the way for what he does today.

Even during his early school years Rael had decided that the ‘good job, good house, picket fence’ lifestyle was not for him. He was going to do life differently and aimed high by starting his first business at just 14 years old. It failed, but that is by the way.

Building A Career

As a young man, Rael was strong in maths and science. So after high school he decided to study engineering and got a college scholarship with the mining company Anglo American. As part of the Scholarship, he was required to work within the Company after he graduated. This gave him a hands on experience of the mining industry, working in Gold and Diamond mines.

After serving his required time in the mines, he went on to Business School. Finally, at 26 years old, with a new MBA in hand he set up business with a friend. Together they went on to create their own higher education college, teaching Business Skills. The project grew to encompass 5 campuses and over 4000 students in just five years.

Moving On

By the late 90s, the gap between rich and poor in South Africa was growing and the violence was getting serious. So Rael and his family took the opportunity to emigrate to Australia. Upon arriving there, he took up a job in Venture Funding for a few years before moving on to start a product business. But he learned some hard, expensive lessons along the way. The reality is Rael was better at selling services than producing products.

Recognising this, he started a project raising capital for small businesses and ended up becoming a Licenced Mortgage Advisor. Today Rael and his team have secured over three billion dollars in the mortgage business, and they are the third largest company in Australia.

Switching Direction

A lifestyle shift occurred suddenly in 2015. Whilst training for a marathon he discover he had a hereditary heart condition with two blocked arteries. After an operation which required stents being fitted, he was forced to reevaluate his life and make some major changes.

This gave him the opportunity to explore what he enjoyed, and focus on bringing more of that into his life.

During his earlier years in South Africa, Rael discovered a passion for public speaking and competed at National levels in Toastmasters. So, because he was already enjoying doing finance presentations and seminars in his current role, he decided to take that to the next level.

He became a Professional Public Speaker and started a podcast “Business Excellence” with Lindsey Adams. In 2018 he published his book “Dive In”

Speaking Up For Others

Our conversation covers the life journey that brought Rael’s true passion to the forefront of what he does today.

Through public speaking, Rael has discovered he can inspire and make a difference to other people’s lives. So, although the mortgage business is still part of his life, his main focus is in supporting business owners through strategic development.

If you are interested in discovering more about Rael and what he can offer for your business, his website and social links are below. Rael is also offering a FREE download of his book ‘Dive In’

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