Recreating Your Life Story

The ‘Life Story’, we all have one. But did you know that most of the things we consider facts are stories? Things we have heard, seen or tell ourselves. It means everything you assume to be a fact or true might not be so, and it is the life story that holds it all together.

“My name is Paul Harvey, and I know this, because when I lost my story, I lost who I was.”

I was not suicidal. Life was just “Meh” unfulfilling and seemed pointless.

On the outside I looked fine and I put on a good show, but I could not see much future in the life I was living or my chosen career. If you are feeling the “Meh” I can help.

The death of my father brought it to a head. Putting it simply he was an unhappy man and had been so for years, and I could see I was following in his footsteps. I was fortunate enough to have done enough work on myself to know I needed to do something different. The podcast followed, along with 5 years of exploration and research.

It has been hundreds of conversations, I discovered that losing the narrative for our life makes the experience hollow.

That is when we start to exist rather than living. Joy, meaning passion or purpose, all become illusive.

Yes, of course, we can still laugh, put on a face, have a drink with friends. But when we are alone, there is that quiet voice that says.

There must be more to this, what am I missing?

I was lucky enough to notice. As I said it was the death of my Father that helped me to become aware that I was losing my way.

It took a few years to find a my path and much of it was through the journey of this podcast. Wow-what a ride, it has been my privilege to explore people’s lives using just five simple questions.

Those questions around Passion, Success, Contribution and Meaning helped me discover the components of a what it means to live a good life.

It revealed that we are all living a story and as long as we continue to believe, invest and give meaning to the vision, the story holds true. Get it right and life works and feels good.

Now a “Midlife Coach”. I share tools and systems
to move you forward on your journey.

Life is a quest from the cradle to the grave and we have the choice on how to navigate. Some will let it happen as the passenger of an unfolding story. But the truth is you get to write, change and adapt the story.

So is your life working for you, are you where you want to be at this time on the path? We all have a few regrets but when you sit down and think and reflect.

Are you happy, what does that mean to be happy?

Are you starting every day with anticipation?

Can you see the bright future that is waiting for you?

The Good News is You Can Change Your Life Story.

We can rewrite our story, we can rebuild from the ground up. Our brains and minds are amazing we can choose to be what ever we want and turn that new thinking into a reality.

There are thousands of books, podcasts and TED talks to help you, but going it alone is tough. A helping hand, listening ear and guiding voice is the best option.

I am happy to be that voice for you or point you in the right direction because my purpose is to move people forward.

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