Remy Blumenfeld was born in France and as a child lived in both the USA and the UK. His professional life began in front of the camera on US television as a reporter on arts and entertainment, however, his interests have always been at society’s edges. In the early 90s, that meant giving a platform and a voice to the issues of race and gender.

Leaving the US, he moved to the UK and started a production company with a co-founder, initially from a bedroom in a crime-ridden area of London. He had no previous experience of running a business, but that did not stop them.

Remy and his co-founder established Brighter Pictures and following that interest in edges, they produced the first Asian pop culture show for BBC2 and a black music show for British Channel 4, a programme that aired for nine years. 

He is credited with over 30 original television series and is the TV format creator of ‘There’s Something About Miriam‘, ‘Gay, Straight or Taken?‘, ‘Wudja Cudja‘ and ‘Undercover Lovers‘. 

Remy ran Brighter Pictures for 10 years, building a solid reputation in managing creative teams and making successful TV programmes. He sold it to Endemol (creators of Big Brother) in 2001 and continued working in the company until 2004.

This Is About Life After TV

Our conversation is not about his TV work, it is about his transition into supporting creative founders to find the edge and explore their passion. It is about helping the next generation of creatives reach goals, and avoid some of the deep failures and pitfalls that he experienced during his career. Some of those mistakes cost him millions. 

“Success is about balance, having a life where energy time and resources are shared between the things that are important to us.” 

Remy is a deep thinker, and this was a rich conversation that explores his journey and changing career. It has not been all roses and success; there were failures and low points. There was a near-death experience that led him to look at life again and consider what was important. 

” In my hospital bed with hours to live, they let me sleep with my dog, and I survived…”

Remy Blumenfeld is a prolific write and commenter. He has published articles in Forbes, the Independent Newspaper, the New York Times and the Sunday Times. He is considered one of the world’s leading business coaches and advisor for the creative industry. With clients in film, tv, advertising, publishing and the gaming sector.

Building For The Future

His latest project is called “Stand Out” it is a 9 module online programme, a course for creative founders. Remy saw the need for a programme to fill the gap that all creative founders experience. It is just the resource that would have helped when he launched his first company.

“People get into show business and they focus on the show, they hope the business will look after itself, but it is the business that makes it work.” 

Remy’s journey has been a life-changing experience, and I am so delighted he took some time to share his story with me.

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