Explore your calling, are you on a life path that feeds your soul?

My guest on the show believes that everyone has a calling.  

Richard Blank is a native of Philadelphia born to a family with more than the average means and there was a plan. He was on a path to an Ivy League education to study medicine or law.

But even at that age, he knew it was important to be inspired in his chosen career. Neither of these was his calling.  He convinced his parents to let him take a different path. He went to the University of Arizona, earning a bachelor’s degree in communication and Spanish.

For his junior year at the age of 21, he took a semester at a university in Madrid. It was about absorbing the language and the Spanish way of life. While he did enjoy the party scene. He also took the opportunity to travel on trains and stay in youth hostels. He explored the art and culture of Europe. 

On returning to the US he took an internship with a Spanish TV station. And for a while and another job working with an importer of Corona Beer. 

He used his bilingual ability and communication skills to create opportunities for himself and built a career in telemarketer training. 

The Big Break

The life-changing break came when he was 27 years old. He relocated to Costa Rica to train employees for one of the larger call centres in San Jose.

He was hooked on the industry, the country and the culture

In his mid-30s he started his own call centre. It began with one seat in a communal office, and it was slow and steady journey.

Today he owns a building and directly employs 150 people. Over the last 10-plus years, he has trained over 10,000 bilingual telemarketers. His hobby is collecting vintage pinball machines.  

Explore your calling

What is so interesting about this interview, is that Richard has nothing to sell. He reached out to me because he was inspired by the work that we do. And the stories that we share at life passion and business. It is about the our calling and why we are here.

Our conversation is not about telemarketing. It is about Richard’s life and the philosophy that has helped him move to a new country and build a successful business. It gives him the opportunity to give back to his adopted community. 

He believes everyone has a calling. For him, it was to major in Spanish and explore the culture, and look where that got him.  I hope this inspires you to explore your calling. 

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