Opportunities for rituals and wonder I think they are the food and joy of a good life, and the new year is a good time for reflection. However, the show is not about goals… Although we will talk about intentions and explore the use of divination cards and the rediscovery of wonder 

Do you have a new year ritual outside of the party and celebrations?

My family has a ritual where we select an Angel card and a Rune for the year.

The Angel cards we use originated from the game of transformation that started in the Findhorn foundation. These cards have one word, normally an action.

Last year my word was Tenderness, and this year the word is “Play.”

These words are a source of conversation and a reference point for how I will live the year.

Surprise and Chaos

The conversation was triggered by the discovery of the podcast cast by Mark Watts featuring the work of his father, Alan. I am sure you will have heard his voice even if you are not familiar with his work as some of his words have been set to youtube videos.

Alan Watts was a Radioman who spoke about Philosophy and Theology with a lovely voice and lots of wisdom.  The show I heard was an early live recording about the importance of surprise, chaos and wonder.

So getting the Angel card “Play” really speaks to me and is valuable when considering the journey we are about to embark on in the podcast.   |

Join me on this journey into ritual and wonder, and let me encourage you to make time for them in your life.

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