Today’s guest is RJ Singh, podcast host and advocate for Ultra Habits.

Have you considered how we live within a framework? Models for behaviour might come from extended family, church or other communities. But what if, growing up, you were not given enough structure.

RJ Singh had a fend for himself childhood, and he gravitated toward trouble. As you will hear, it did not go well, but continuing the theme of this podcast, there is a story and a message.

RJ’s story is a journey through drugs, alcohol and violence. It is about finding a healthy framework to build a new life that embraces the power of mentor-ship and endurance.

Today, RJ is a father with 2 young children and a business partner in a successful logistics business.  He is a podcast host for Ultra Habits podcast and he trains high-performance sales teams, using his positive habits model. He is also a sponsored endurance runner with marathon times are around 3 hours. If you know me, you’ll know I’m in awe of running ability.

His mission is to lead by example and share the Ultra Habits needed to achieve ultra-performance in all areas of life. His message is about creating a better life for people, by finding what works. I hope you enjoy this conversation with RJ Singh.

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