Innovation and entrepreneurship have been the themes of Roberto’s life. He has always been fascinated by cutting-edge of technology.  

Roberto Capodieci was born in Italy near Venice and was a natural entrepreneur from age 5, making and selling stuff to buy more toys.

Elementary school bored him, so he dropped out he never went back, taking charge of his education and studying everything from business management to computer programming.

He did not attend college officially, although he sneaked into lectures that interested him. 

At age ten, he started a computer and electronics club. It became a business when he was 14—he started as a software house selling thousands of pirated computer games. At the time, there was no law to prevent it. With so many callers to the house and so much cash, his parents thought he was selling drugs. While not true, it created a reputation that led to a surprising opportunity with law enforcement. 

The business moved from pirated software to optical archiving of documents using the first Apple computers. 

The credibility of age

By the time he was 19, he was the head of a large company employing 50 people. He had to employ older people to get the credibility of age. As one so young, he would pretend to be the janitor cleaning the floor so he could listen to his salespeople negotiate the deal.

Our conversation is rich in stories as he has worked in many countries commercially and as technical support in law enforcement environments. He even knocked on the door of the FBI and asked if he could help.

Roberto has 40 years of business behind him. It has always been about technology and innovation, so unsurprisingly, he has been instrumental in laying down the foundational aspects of blockchain applications, ensuring their relevance and applicability in various sectors.

Innovation and Blockchain

His contributions extend beyond the technical aspects, as he actively educates others, sharing his knowledge through speaking engagements, publications, and mentorship.

On this show, we glimpse what is possible with decentralization and how it could protect everything from the food on your plate to life-saving medicine.

Interestingly, he started his business on pirated software, and today, as an advocate of blockchain, he is at the forefront of preventing Piracy. 

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