Soul Alignment is this week’s topic of conversation with Robyn Harris. It is a story of how following a passion can sometimes take us to a place of hopelessness. However, there is a happy outcome, it just requires going a little further along the road to discover it.

When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, Robyn’s considered reply was Doctor Doolittle. It is hardly surprising then, that the future held a place for animals and for language interpretation. Albeit a very different type of interpretation than that of the children’s story book character.

Where It All Began

Robyn’s journey begins with sharing her passion for nature and animals. She says that this plays a big part in the work she now does as a Soul Alignment Mentor.

Her love for nature and animals has always been a part of her life. Her passion for language began while studying Latin at school and led to a university degree in British Sign Language. After qualifying Robyn became a Sign Language Interpreter. For her, the work was about sharing her desire to communicate by giving deaf people the opportunity to be underwood and connected with the world around them.

Our conversation takes an insightful look into the world of Sign and touches on the qualities that the deaf community can bring to the rest of us from their unique perspective on life. It also reveals the challenges they face integrating, being understood and having their needs met in a world that is predominately not set up for them to flourish in. 

Falling Out Of Alignment

Robyn loved the work, however being the bridge between two separate communities was stressful and over time took its toll. As an interpreter she was not permitted to express her opinion and she found it challenging to witness how deaf people were treated and represented.

The distress of this eventually led to stress, ill health and depression. As she now sees it, this is a lack of Soul Alignment. Seeking help, Robyn found that traditional medicine in the UK only offered to “fix the symptoms” with drugs. The other option of Counselling, while effective, also could not solve the deeper inherent problem.

“At the time everything was ‘happening to me’…  it was not ‘for me’…  Life was hopeless.”

Robin’s search for alternatives opened a completely new world for her. It started with Evolutionary Enlightenment with Andrew Cohen. His work is about the awakening of consciousness and the bigger ideas of who we are as humans. 

From there Robyn discovered Reiki and eventually Meta Consciousness that led to her understanding of her condition and the true path of healing. In this part of the conversation, we talk about how unresolved thoughts and feelings lead to illness and how Energy medicine connects with the physical world. 

Re-Aligning with Soul Intent

Today Robyn is the founder of EQUENERGY: Wellbeing Naturally. She describes herself as a Soul Alignment Mentor and works with people at the end of the rope, needing support. Quoting Oprah Winfrey, she says:

“A mentor is somebody who helps you see the hope within yourself.”

This is why Robyn chose the title of Mentor rather than any other. Her work enables her clients to find a way out of their ‘hole’ and move back into balance. She loves seeing people light up when things fall into place for them.

Robyn’s personal story of returning to health and wellness from a place of hopelessness and depression is inspiring and was accomplished without drugs or traditional Western medicine. Her journey involved Love, Compassion and personal Soul Alignment.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Robyn Harris. She is currently offering her ‘Feel Your Way from Stress into Flow’ workshops on Zoom and is planning to run them in person again when lockdown restrictions lift. Tickets and further information are available below along with her other website and social links.

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