Robyn Locke Asking For Your Purpose

Are you searching for your purpose? Have you tried asking?

We are all searching for meaning and purpose; it may not look like it from your perspective. But searching for a new job or changing career is about the need for what we do to have meaning.

Yes, I appreciate it is about money too, but real happiness is discovered when we align with our values, and the work has a meaning that fits those values.   

My guest on the show had the childhood idea of becoming a nun or a nurse, and she did neither.

She had a successful career becoming a VP of marketing for a Realta organisation. She organised events and did a lot of public speaking and team motivation, and it was all about her passion.

As the internet arrived and the business changed, the work became unsatisfying; she lost her passion, and Robyn was looking for a change. 

Our conversation was a journey of spiritual discovery. Some of my listeners might find this a little woo. 
Woo or not, what is amazing is that life seems to work well for people that have a guided outlook.  Robyn had practical business training and a career, but it made her miserable.

Today Robyn is an author with three books, she is an energy healer and transformational coach, and she consults and speaks at events.

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