Are you setting your course, are you taking that first step?  

My guest on the show is an example of someone living a good life by design a man who came from humble beginnings.  

Rocky Lalvani was born in India, when he was two years old, the family emigrated to the US, and while it was a great opportunity, the family had to start at the bottom. 

It was a tough beginning, but they worked hard as immigrant families do, the American dream inspired them, and they built their wealth.

During Rocky’s early life, there were lots of success and money conversations with other ex-pat communities.  While listening to these family chats, he learned the importance of negotiation and how to hustle. 

Starting with his paper route, he discovers how good service leads to good tips. At college, he was buying and selling stuff until he secured a real-estate licence to sell properties.

After finishing high school and going to college, he did a degree in Economics and went out into the world to work.

He did many jobs and eventually built a solid business creating operational and management spreadsheets for small businesses.

Rocky’s challenge was that he found it almost impossible to take the first steps and move his life forward. Our conversation is not about the work he did but the wisdom he developed. We touch on mentors, health, fitness, food and more. All of the steps that help him move forward and build the life he wanted.

Today Rocky calls himself the Chief Profitability Adviser for business owners. He teaches them how to ensure they get paid and that they make profit a priority! 

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