Today’s guest is Russ Avery, Eco Entrepreneur and Specialist Marketer for Sustainable Businesses.

He was brought up in Helensburgh on Scotland’s north western coast.  Growing up under the influence of David Attenborough on TV, he had an outdoor childhood. Because of this he developed an early appreciation of the natural world that called him into his future career.

He is a sustainability marketing consultant. Both of these are close to my own passion and interest, so we had to be careful not to get too carried away. If you have listened to my previous shows, you will know I can easily go down a rabbit hole with my guests.

From Languages to Sustainability

In education, Russ was a natural with languages and studied French and Spanish to an advanced level.  University followed, and breaking the pattern, he chose a degree in French and Russian.

However a language degree is not that vocational, and on leaving Exeter University, in 2007 his future was unclear. By 2009 he had settled on the idea of sustainability. So taking a course with the Open University opened the door to his first break in the industry.

A New Career

Russ’ first job was with Seaweb which is a small ocean conservation charity. They raise awareness of overfishing, sea acidification and bridging the gap between science and communications.

Russ Avery on Life Passion & Business Podcast.

Our conversation follows how Russ found his ikigai when he moved into the sustainability sector. This is what ultimately started his marketing consultancy to help sustainable businesses communicate well.

Russ is a natural connector of people, so we had a wide-ranging chat. So we covered how social media and networking played a pivotal role in his business journey. 

Naturally we talked about sustainability and how business is changing. We also talked about how you can make a difference in your own life with just a straightforward change of attitude.

I hope you enjoy this Life Passion & Business Podcast with Russ Avery Eco Entrepreneur.

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