What is sacredness and flow? May you be are one of those people that have sacred moments in life.

This podcast explores how and why it is important to bring some sanctity back into our lives. There are some great exercises at the end for you to explore. 

Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated throughout the UK over the weekend in her platinum Jubliee. I am not a great royalist, but I can recognise the achievement of a woman who has taken on a role that has so many sacred connections and rituals attached to it.

Life was very different in 1952; the sacred was part of everyone’s life, just as it was. Incredibly, a large proportion of the UK population thought the queen was directly related to God, and her Coronation was an ancient ceremony created to reinforce that myth.

Society has moved on, and we are the better for it, but we have lost a few things along the way.

Let us explore why we need to reclaim what is sacred to us and see how it just makes life better. 

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