My guest on the show today is Sarah Townsend and our topic of conversation is Freelance Survival.

Sarah is a freelance copywriter and author of the book ‘Survival Skills for Freelancers’ a resource to support others on the freelance journey. She says it’s all about balance, particularly for freelance service providers and solopreneurs. 

We discuss self-care and mindset, how imposter syndrome can cripple the best-laid plans and the importance of finding balance. 

Busting The Myth

There is a romanticism about starting a business and carving your own path. The reality can be very different and sometimes leads to overwhelm or burnout. Many people including myself, headed out looking for freedom but effectively created a job without benefits.

Sarah’s story is that of a teenager itching to get out to work but not knowing what to do. She went into financial services and spent some time in total quality management. It was here that she learnt her business social skills. She then moved into marketing and landed an amazing job with an in-house magazine publisher. These are the glossy giveaway magazines you see in supermarkets. It was her perfect job, with lots of buzz teamwork and banter.

After 3 years in the role and pregnant with her first child, Sarah explored the idea of working part time. This was in the late 90’s when the idea of short hours and flexible working was not going to wash within the MD. It was her managing editor that suggested an alternative option. Become a freelance copywriter.

Teaching From Experience

Our conversation covers the story of how Sarah Townsend became a Freelancer and discovered she was going to be a Mum with two babies, her daughter and the new business.

Over the last 20 years Sarah has discovered all of the big pitfalls of juggling these roles along with many others. She has included them in her book ‘ Survival Skills for Freelancers’ so that other freelancers can learn from her journey. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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August 2022 update…

Sarah has now released her second book ‘The Little Book of Confusablesdesigned to help smart people avoid stupid mistakes with commonly confused words.It’s available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle, here:

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