Wealthy and homeless, could you live a nomadic life on the road, travelling from city to city and living in hotels? That is the life that my guest, Scott Stokely, has chosen. As you will hear, he made that decision when he was 19. Now in his 50s, he jokes with me that he is probably the most well-off homeless person I will ever meet. 

I was so looking forward to sharing this conversation with you, as my guest on the show today is a professional Frisbee player. It just makes me chuckle.

In this show, we look at the gap between thought and implementation, fear and failure and the evidence that life always works out.

People like to live by specific rules. One of them is that we have a place to live, somewhere to call home, sleep, and store our things. But who said that was a rule? 

Scott Stokely is a professional disc golf player. When he started in the sport 30 years ago, it was in its infancy. He left home and set out to become a professional player with no plan B. The conversation is so unique because he has always jumped into things.  

Scott is a good entrepreneur. He always had innate confidence in himself, knowing that it would be fine and that is how the world works. For Scott, failure is just information and means adaptation is needed.

“I will be fine wherever I am. If I fail at something, I will just do something else and that will be fine.”   

He explains how he turned his hobby into a profession and invented the funding model that most professional disc golfers use today. He also wrote the first book on disc golf techniques.

This is a discussion about freedom opportunity, and Scott shares his business and life model that anyone could replicate.

It is a fun sport.

Speaking with Scott was my first introduction to the sport of Disc Golf. After the show, I remembered there is a course nearby, so my son and I gave it a go. It is a fun sport and if you’ve ever played beach Frisbee you’ll probably enjoy this. My one tip is to check out Scotts YouTube channel for throwing style and try throwing forehand. My beach style throwing was always backhand and that hurts after a bit!

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