Our guest on the show is a lifelong Innovator; it was his driving passion until something changed. Innovation is that seed of possibility; it is that inspiration that takes us forward to a future that is yet to be defined. 

We can all get excited by innovation and possibility, and at the same time, I have lived long enough to see the unintended consequences of our best inventions. This conversation is about motivation and wonder and how one gets lost when the passion gets distorted by money and the search for status.  

It is an amazing story of an innovator. Scott Stonham is a Brit born and raised in West London, now living in Reading.

Technology was always his jam. Inspired by his uncle, who was an electrician, he tinkered and played with things to see how they worked. As a teenager, his uncle gave him a bank of switches, and he set about automating the gadgets in his room. 

He was not the classic geek, being a bit of a rebel that was inspired by movies like “Back to the Future” which led to him learning to Skateboard—the Karate Kid, which led to martial arts and finally, the Terminator. Which lead to a university degree in Cybernetics.   

Upon leaving University, there was no cybernetics industry to join, so Scott went into software engineering and later a job on Vodafone.

Scott Stonham is a lifelong innovator.

This podcast is a fascinating exploration of innovation and the development of mobile applications in the late 90s at a time when there was no need for them. They were creating the business use and the market for the technology they were developing.

Our guest, Scott Stonham, has helped bring to life many of the innovations that we take for granted, from the Mobile Internet to Smartphone Navigation.  Over the last 25 years he had senior technology and marketing roles for multi-nationals, including Vodafone, Qualcomm and edgy technology start-ups in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Today, Scott focuses his energy on driving positive impacts for people, nature and the planet. He is driven by the UN sustainable development goals and channels his work through two ventures:

Leading an accelerator for Impact Startups and helping companies understand and address their digital carbon footprints.

Scott is an advisor, speaker, and author of the Exploring Digital Carbon Footprints report, a contributor to the Open University and the founder of Digital Carbon Online.

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