Do the Big Dream, is there something in your life, an achievement of accomplishment so big that it is hard even to admit that you want it? Big dreams for most people are just dreams. Few of us get to make them happen.

My guest on the podcast is someone who not only makes his dreams come true but also has a mission to inspire others to do the same.

Some of you may recognise my guest as the creator and host of Storage Hunters, a reality TV series that ran for five seasons in the US and was syndicated worldwide.  

Sean Kelly admitted to himself and announced to all of his friends at his 40th birthday party that he was going to create and star in a TV show of his own. His friends thought it was a joke, but his wife took him seriously. In less than nine months, he had international success.

The skills that got him that show can be traced back to his childhood. As a young preteen, he was an illegal immigrant in Germany with his family. Rather than play with friends, he door-knocked for his father’s insurance business. 

That experience, those sales skills, and the confidence learned at such an early age opened a life of opportunity. His parents separated when he was 16. Undaunted and still living in Europe, he worked nights and put himself through school. His ability to speak fluent German led to a career in the military as a translator and deployment to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

Do the Big Dream

After leaving the military, he returned to sales and built a successful career as a magazine publisher. Now was the opportunity to start following those dreams. The first was a stand-up comedy or war without guns. 

To get more experience, he opened a comedy club and headlined seven days a week.  At that time, he developed a sideline as an auctioneer for nonprofits. Over the last ten years, he has raised 100s of millions for good causes. 

My conversation with Sean is exceptional. It explores what is possible when we apply the principles of strategy consistency with no fear of rejection.

Sean is developing a new TV series. His current project is “Do the Big Dream,” a free Facebook group that meets on Mondays. In it, Sean coaches people to reach their big goals. Joint it for free; the link is below.

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