The question today is, are you feeling it? Our feelings have enormous power over our daily lives, and yet, for the most part, we are blissfully unaware that they are guiding our actions. 

On this show, we are considering the power that feeling has over us, how feelings have more impact on our daily lives than we realise, and how we might harness that power to take us forward.

Are you feeling it? Physical Or Emotional.

We are all aware of physical feelings, pain, pleasure, hunger and thirst. These feelings trigger or motivate us to action that leads to a situation change. Emotional feelings can be the same and yet have no physical trigger. We are the trigger, or more the point, our interpretation of the situation is the trigger.

Most of the reactive feelings we experience are the response to a situation filtered through memory or past experience. For example, if you were to meet someone for the first time and their voice triggered a painful experience from the past. It might make you cautious or less interested in the conversation.

Fears and phobias can often be traumatic past events being relived in the present.

While all of the sounds unpleasant, there is an upside. Actors use these techniques to give great emotional performances that are believable and look real. We can use these tools to project forward and create events and feelings around those events or goals we want to happen. Then, use those feelings as motivation to get there.

Check out the show and see how you can play with feelings and create the life you want. 

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