Are you listening? More to the point, are you hearing what is being said? In this show, we are exploring one of life’s most essential skill sets – listening.

For me, this weekend has revealed one of the fundamental aspects of listening: it is the block that changes our inability to hear what is being said. This conversation is a reflection on the art of listening, and an analysis of how often we misinterpret information or fail to listen altogether.

In reality, listening isn’t just a passive action it is a skill we must hone and work at to make our interactions truly meaningful. However, there is another perspective our experience and history and values can often hinder our ability to hear what is being said.

When the conversation conflicts with our fundamental beliefs or values it can be hard to hear. This resistance to change can impact many areas of life. We will choose not to hear something if is challenges a core belief or principle.

Are you listening

This show reflects on the larger implications of our human inability to listen because we do not want to because of what it might mean if we did. Think of all the conflicts in the world. What are these people not hearing?


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