Where is your assumptions and bias? To be fare it is a trick question because we all have them. We all have a natural bias, and it’s almost impossible to get ride of them unless we make a conscious effort to be become aware. 

We live in a world of bias  Media, Political and Culture all have inherrant bias, the currents trend of AI have been found to have a racial bias

In this show we explore my first world problem and how cognitive bias has made it worse. How 90% of the biggest projects fail in terms of cost and delivery due to leadership bias.

It is a big subject and I will let you in to a little secret, it is all related to beliefs, story and how our brains like to work with the maxinium of efficiency. 

Assumption and Bias is a serious issue and thankfully there is an awareness in the world, hence we have regulation for sex and race descrinination. But that does not stop it happening.

The bigger issue is you, your decision making and the need to be right or the smartest person in the room. I am with you there, we all like to be right.

I regularly make biased decisions, we all do while shopping for food in the supermarket. That is brand loyalty for you.

But what about those big expansion plans for the business or that new operation are you making assumption about.

In this show we offer ideas to test your bias, drill down and see where they came from.    

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