What makes people Attractive or Unattractive? Join me in this show as we navigate the narrow alleyways of personal human experiences. Today, we delve into the unexplored psyche of why some people draw us towards them. In contrast, others tend to repel us, unearthing the often-underestimated importance of the narratives we build around ourselves.

This reflective podcast investigates the notion of charisma and how it plays a crucial role in our interactions, evoking a sense of belonging and being valued. Delving deeper, we will discover how shared interests gel people together while those radiating joy and positivity become magnets for others. On the contrary, those who incessantly share their pain and grievances are often found to repel others.

This podcast unpacks the impact of our focus on negative or positive aspects of life and shows that our attention governs our experience. Discover how simple, open-ended questions can steer our negatively challenged friends towards positivity. Thoughts are shared on dealing with difficult situations and people who thrive on drama, illuminating the power of choice in these difficult scenarios.

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