Be a creator. Are you a creator or a consumer? What is the balance in your life between consumption and creation? It is not easy society is all about consumption. At first, it was things, and now it is information.

In this show, we are looking at the balance between what we consume and what we produce and how a little creativity could change your life. 

I was chatting about media consumption with my son. Now he is of the digital generation, where his phone constantly provides news, entertainment or background music. He is either programming games or playing them when he is not on the phone. That is his chosen path and career so not just a care free or fruitless pastime. 

While conceding there was a lot of consuming, he pointed out that gaming is an interactive, social, and creative activity. Watching him play some of his team games, they do require a full range of interactive skills and a level of creativity.

My point on this show is not the right of wrongs of gaming, but the expression of creativity has a more significant positive effect on our well-being than solo consumption.

I suspect while there is creativity in the gaming world, I feel there is more creativity in the shared experience with his playing companions.

Community and being is groups,  I was singing this morning at the Park in Findhorn; there is something so magical when 40 people come together to sing in harmony. The creativity is in the shared sound and the community that it builds is way beyond listing to Spotify. 

How can you be a creator? 

When was the last time you picked up a pen or some colours and painted or did a drawing? There is something very soothing about creating patterns on a page and then adding some colour.  Have you ever wondered why adult colouring books are so popular?

On this show, I mentioned Andrea Nelson’s Art. You can find her here on YouTube

Her little videos are a great inspiration; they are short.

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