How has 2022 started for you? Is it back into the normal routines, or is this your year to be Awesome?

In today’s Shortcast I am exploring the value of dreaming as a way to beat the January blues.

January can be the hardest month to get through. Particularly if you have enjoyed the Christmas festivities and a break from your normal routine. I guess that’s why many people set New Year resolutions. It always feels inspiring to be moving towards something positive, and getting stuck into a project often releases those feel-good chemicals.

But life’s not about doing stuff to feel happy. It’s about being happy to be doing stuff. The point is, we are here to experience life and it is our responsibility to make that life the best we can.

Time and time again it comes up in the Podcast with the final question “What is the meaning of life for you”. There are 3 common responses:-

  • To experience it all.
  • To help and support others.
  • To be and experience love.  

On some level it all comes down to one thing. Life is about creating a worthwhile journey, something you can be proud of, something that you will be remembered for.

We take nothing with us when we go and we are remembered by the lives we have touched and the legacy we leave. So to me, being awesome is part of that and it’s important to set a plan and go for it. 

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