Being of service, what does that mean to you? How do you see service, is it like any other transaction or something more? 

In the interview podcasts, one of the questions is about contribution both to the world and ourselves. Our contribution to the world is about making a difference, and for most people on the show, that is their life work; it’s what they do and get paid for. It is a service, but not necessarily “giving service”.

I am the same. I’m a coach, and when I produce podcasts, it is a service because I give freely, but at the same time, it’s about getting my name out of the world so that people like yourself know that I’m available to give you support. It is a contribution, but it is not about serving freely with no strings.

In this podcast, we consider being of service, and how we serve, the thinking behind it and how the world could be a better place if service were given without it being transactional. 

Being of Service

On Friday, I saw a woman struggling to move a few tonnes of recently delivered firewood; she was rushing to get it under cover before the rain hit. I stopped what I was doing and took over the wheelbarrow so she could focus on the stacking.  She was so grateful. “ Thank you so much; this is what real community is about”.

My wood carrying felt good to know that I had supported her to get the fuel moved and under cover before that rain hit, and it was a good move because, boy, not 30 minutes later, it rained hard and for hours and hours.

Back to the point, being of service is a beautiful gift, but when it comes with strings, it is no longer a gift of service.    

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