Belief and greatness, what has one got to do with the other? When we do not believe we will be great at the task in front of us it will not run smoothly.

My reflection today is on the point of preparation. If there is something that we want to achieve, we got to put in the work to make that process go easy and go with the flow.

So on this show, we discuss what that looks like and why it is so important and what happens when we don’t prepare.  

It is funny how as adults, we tend to think that we can just do stuff that is important. Yet when we were in education and about to sit an exam, we would prepare, and we would revise.

When I’m standing at the start line of a race I’m there because I know I’ve done the preparation. I cannot expect the results that I want unless I have done the work.

Now, what does preparation look like, particularly around the belief? It’s about bringing the energy of the future into the present.

Difficult tasks will need preparation; by breaking them into smaller steps, creating a plan, and staying focused and positive With belief and greatness you can increase your chances of success

If you need help, there is always focus coaching. 

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