Are you guilty of Catastrophising? We have all been there at some point; it is a circle that, once started, becomes a downward spiral. 

Our topic this week was prompted by a client discussion. they are experiencing a financial gap, and it is not getting any smaller. I know it’s a problem that many people are finding where there is more month than money to go around.  

Whether it was a bad day or a bad week, this particular conversation was spiralling down to the bottom of the swamp.

The problem was they had locked onto a train of thought, and the conversation was becoming tighter and tighter, about all the possible things that were going wrong had gone wrong this week and would go wrong next week.

I appreciate this situation is difficult, and I appreciate many people are in similar problems. But what is very clear to me with a nod to Einstein.

“We are never going to change a circumstance or a situation by using the same thinking that got us into that situation or circumstance.”

Getting out of any fix will take fresh thinking, creative solutions and maybe even doing the unthinkable.  When we Catastrophise, all of our resilience goes, and the mind locks onto the worst-case scenario.

What is needed is expansive thinking.

There are tools that can help. I’ve spoken about living in the spiral many times and the work that I do to keep myself moving upward in this spiral. If I don’t do the work, I have a tendency to slip downwards. So that means, for me, a daily practice, daily work on myself.

On this show, we explore the problem of catastrophising, my experience and the best solution to get out of that line of thinking.

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