Change and opportunity, but how do I know what is next? Most of us reach this place at some point in life, and defining or choosing a path can be a challenge.

( I am currently exploring Ireland with the family so this podcast will be short)

Choice can be a challenge for many people. This was a question that came up in conversation a few weeks back. So, have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, unsure of your next step? The truth is, you are not alone! Our society has decided that having more choices in everything is a good thing. So, our lives are full of choices, and we get overwhelmed by them.

In this chat, we examine how to figure out what you truly want and how to start moving in that direction. Spoiler alert: it involves embracing change and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Change and Opportunity

From creating a skills matrix to exploring unexpected opportunities, let’s explore the ingredients of a good life together. Join me, and let’s see what’s possible!

Catch you next time, and as always, thanks for being here. If you need help with choices or focus, check out the link above for focus coaching.

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