Do you choose your challenge or let life throw them at you? The point is life throws things at us. It’s not meant to be a journey a unicorns and roses, there are meant to be ups and downs a life of colour.

This Saturday, at 11 am, I started running in a 100-mile team race. It took us 18 hours I and I ran 28 miles with a few big hills. I thought it would be great, the truth was mixed, but still great.

On this show we are looking at how the media is driving the message of fear. And how you can build your resilience to rise above it all. Because there is a certain power in taking charge and choosing the challenge.  

We had 2 four-person teams and our job was to run 100 miles over a maximum of 24 hours. Running in pairs one from each team, it was about pacing each other and navigation. Th course was mixed terrain and easy to get lost.

The course was brutal I covered 28 miles over the 18 hours it took to complete the course. I got home at 5.30 am this morning made a bacon roll and went to bed.

I have been a zombie all day and it is now late afternoon and I wanted to get this podcast out my six. Which did not happen.

What did I learn from the experience?

We can do hard things, and the pain passes 
I put my needs first and took care of my body, I was clear with my teammate about what I needed.
Everyone reacts differently to challenges, and when supported people are amazing. 

So how can choose your challenge and you bring the power of challenge into your life?

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