This week we are exploring cognitive dissonance. Situations or events that conspire to take us in a direction that conflicts with our internal compass.  The stuff that has us squirming when the world doesn’t meet our picture of how it should be. I am talking about values and ethics that guide how we live our lives and what we expect from others.

What happens when something becomes so intolerable that action is literally unavoidable?

We might experience this when a boss makes a decision we don’t agree with and demands we comply. Or when a trusted friend asks us to be complicit in a lie. This is the stuff that is currently fuelling the great resignation and this week we have witnessed an outstanding example.

I am talking about the inspired actions of Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian journalist who jumped into view on the state-controlled evening news programme and declared “This is a lie, the war is a lie!” knowing that it was a massive risk that could put her life in danger.

Thankfully most of us will never experience that level of mismatch in our own lives. However this subject is equally important in defining our values and understanding how to recognise and respond to these important triggers.

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